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Study discusses limits to global green water resources

April 01, 2019

In science, “colors” of water are classified based on where they can be found in nature.

DWFI Faculty Fellow research shows palm oil production can grow while protecting ecosystems

April 20, 2021

Palm oil, the most important source of vegetable oil in the world, is derived from the fruit of perennial palm trees, which are farmed year-round in mostly tropical areas. The palm fruit is harvested manually every 10 days to two weeks, then transported to a mill for processing, and ultimately exported and made into a dizzying array of products from food to toiletries to biodiesel.

In conversation with John Gates, agtech entrepreneur

May 03, 2021

On a Spring day in mid-April, John Gates, Ankit Chandra, and I sat down in my backyard for a conversation on the importance of water in agriculture, and what this means for startups and entrepreneurship.


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