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Study discusses limits to global green water resource for food, feed, timber, and bioenergy

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Water and Health Summit brings together leaders to clarify issues in Nebraska define solutions

July 08, 2021

The Water and Health Summit was held June 29-30 in Lincoln with the goal of improving the health of Nebraska. The in-person event brought together leaders in health and water to clarify issues in Nebraska, define obstacles to key solutions and operationalize solutions.

Study finds ANN model reliable for simulation of net ecosystem exchange

February 11, 2019

The net ecosystem exchange (NEE) is how much carbon is put into the environment compared to how much is removed. This concept and our ability to simulate it is central to understanding future strategies related to climate change.

Integrated solar irrigation solutions for resilient and equitable smallholder farming

April 16, 2019

Africa’s groundwater reserves are about 100 times greater than its annual supply of renewable surface freshwater.


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