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Session 3

Water, Climate and Health

October 22, 2020
10-11:30 a.m. CDT | 11 a.m. EST/15:00 UTC
Free via Zoom

Water, and specifically, water quality, has a direct impact on public health. In the next session of our Water for Food Global Webinar Series, we will examine the environmental and man-made challenges to water quality and how we can find solutions to ensure healthy water for our personal needs, agriculture and the environment.

After registration, you will receive a link to access the Zoom webinar.


Session 2

Advancing Science-Based Targets for Freshwater

Aligning corporate action for better impact.

This webinar will provide the background, context, status, timeline and next steps for
science-based targets in the private sector and how interested parties can engage.

Participants will come away with an elevated awareness and understanding of the Science-Based Targets Initiative and Science-Based Targets Network (STBN). Specifically, this session will provide an update on the methodology development for the SBTN Freshwater Hub and visibility of the expected platform for corporates to set enterprise-level water targets, including addressing their supply chain impacts. This session will also provide the corporate perspective regarding the business case for water sustainability, especially from the food/beverage sector.

Key Themes/Questions

  • Why do companies care about water and setting science-based water targets?
  • What will this new platform mean for companies, academics, etc?
  • What do companies need from researchers and the academic community to support setting and achieving these goals?


Session 1

The Role of Water Re-use in Water Security:

An effective tool in agriculture, food production and urban water use

This webinar explored water re-use as a tool for water security and sustainability across agriculture, municipal use and food production. Experts discussed the current situation of water re-use, technology and application from a local and global perspective. The session was moderated by Peter McCornick, Executive Director of the Daugherty Water for Food Global Institute.



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Session 3 Speaker Profiles

Anne Hubbard

Anne Hubbard

Retired Physician, UNMC Alumna

Board Member, University of Nebraska Foundation
Jesse Bell

Jesse Bell

Director of Water, Climate and Health

Shannon Bartelt-Hunt

Shannon Bartelt Hunt


UNL Department of Civil Engineering 
Environmental Engineer
Mike Sousek

Mike Sousek

General Manager

Lower Elkhorn Natural Resources District
Alan Kolok

Alan Kolok


Idaho Water Resources Research Institute

Session 2 Speaker Profiles

Ulrike Sapiro

Ulrike Sapiro

Senior Director, Global Water Stewardship & Sustainable Agriculture

The Coca-Cola Company
Carlo Galli

Carlo Galli

Head of Sustainability & Technical Director Water Resources

Truke Smoor

Truke Smoor

Environmental Compliance & Sustainability Director - Water

Christina Copeland

Christina Copeland

Senior Manager, Water Security

Monica McBride

Monica McBride

Director, Agricultural & Environmental Metrics

World Wildlife Fund

Session 1 Speaker Profiles

Anne Thebo

Anne Thebo

Senior Researcher

Pacific Institute
Shannon Spurlock

Shannon Spurlock

Founder and Principal Consultant

Ochotona Consulting
Clinton Williams

Clinton Williams

Soil Scientist

United States Department of Agriculture/Agricultural Research Service
Yulie Meneses

Yulie Meneses

Water for Food Processing Specialist


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