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Water for food

Faculty Affiliates

Daugherty Water for Food Institute (DWFI) Faculty Affiliates are faculty within the University of Nebraska system who express interest in participating in DWFI research, education, and engagement programs. These individuals play an important role in the Institute’s ability to build bridges across academic disciplines to find solutions to the water for food challenge. Faculty Affiliates include, but are not limited to, faculty members who identify with the DWFI mission and vision, have received DWFI competitive grants funding, collaborated with DWFI on developing and submitting grant proposals, or hold positions supported by the Water Resources Research Initiative Program of Excellence.

Faculty Affiliates by name
Faculty Affiliates by specialization


  • Eligibility to apply to DWFI competitive research and education/engagement grants programs
  • Eligibility to apply for funding for DWFI Undergraduate Scholars and DWFI Graduate Research Assistantships
  • Involvement in transdisciplinary research dialogues
  • Participation on DWFI collaborative research teams
  • Participation in the global Water for Food Conference and other DWFI-sponsored forums and programs

DWFI will also connect faculty affiliates with external partners and experts and foster communication among faculty affiliates on the NU campuses.

Funding Opportunities

DWFI Graduate Assistantships/Fellowships

DWFI will provide funding to Faculty Affiliates for MS/MA or PhD graduate research assistantships. Research areas will be limited to those prioritized by DWFI. Faculty Affiliates will apply for funding and propose a research question. Assistantships will be awarded competitively. Both domestic and international students are eligible. Research assistantships will follow the assistantship guidelines specified by the campus (UNK, UNL, UNMC, UNO) and department of the DWFI Affiliate Faculty member.

DWFI Undergraduate Scholars

The Daugherty Undergraduate Scholars Program funds two-year undergraduate research assistantships directed by DWFI Affiliated Faculty. Daugherty Scholars engage in cutting-edge research projects working in areas related to water for food, enabling students to gain disciplinary knowledge, develop research and communication skills, and build important mentoring relationships. DWFI Faculty Affiliates may apply for Undergraduate Scholar Program funds, which are awarded competitively.

Become a Faculty Affiliate

To learn more, contact Rachael Herpel at (402) 472-4977 or rherpel@nebraska.edu.

Grant Programs

Competitive DWFI grant programs are being developed. Formal announcements will be made when these programs are launched.


Archived presentations can be found here.

Identity Standards

Requirements for use of the logo and visual standards can be found on the Identity Standards page.

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