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Now entering its fifth year, the Daugherty Water for Food Global Institute’s student support program has distributed over $500,000 to support undergraduate, graduate and postdoctoral research across all four University of Nebraska campuses. The awards provide stipends to students working on projects that contribute to the institute’s mission to have a lasting impact on achieving more food security with less pressure on scarce water resources.

Overall, the grants program supports interdisciplinary faculty research while enriching the education of students who will one day be scientific leaders in the effort to feed the world’s growing population with limited natural resources. To learn more about current and past grantees, please see the links below.

Student Support Profiles

2017-2018 Student Support Grantees

2015-2016 Student Support Grantees

2014-2015 Student Support Grantees

Research Forum

2016 Student Support Research Forum

2015 Student Support Research Forum



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