Water for Food

Vijay Kumar Prajapati

Visiting Scholar

Vijay Prajapati

Vijay Kumar Prajapati is a scientist at the Indian Agricultural Research Institute (ICAR) in New Delhi, India. His research focuses on developing drought monitoring and early warning systems. In September 2017, he began working with the National Drought Mitigation Center at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln, including DWFI Faculty Fellow Michael Hayes, on a project entitled, “U.S.-India Partnership: Improving Water Management, Agricultural Production and Food Security in Drought–prone Areas.” The work is funded by the Indo-U.S. 21st Century Knowledge Initiative and aims to increase agriculture food production in India, especially in drought prone areas, through improved and efficient water management strategies. The ultimate goal is to develop the India Drought Monitor (IDM) for drought monitoring and early warning. Prajapati holds a post-graduate degree in water science and technology from ICAR- Indian Agricultural Research Institute.

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