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Alan Kolok

Aquatic Toxicologist

Isaacson Professor of Research, Director of the Center for Environmental Health and Toxicology, College of Public Health, University of Nebraska Medical Center; Director, Nebraska Watershed Network at the University of Nebraska at Omaha

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Alan Kolok is an aquatic toxicologist who researches endocrine disruption created by field exposure to contaminants and examines linkages between land use, chemicals in surface water and adverse impacts on local fishes. Specifically, he focuses on the use of fish as sentinel organisms to determine the nature and extent that surface waters are contaminated with emerging pollutants and agrichemicals and their impacts on the reproductive physiology and molecular biology of fishes. Kolok also manages the Nebraska Watershed Network at the University of Nebraska at Omaha.  The mission of the Network is to involve students, in conjunction with local stakeholders, in projects that focus on the environmental stewardship of freshwater resources and the biota that those waterways support, and it conducts this mission through community outreach and citizen science activities.

Kolok is editor of the journal, Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry, and recently authored the book, “Modern Poisons: A Brief Introduction to Contemporary Toxicology.”

He holds a doctorate in environmental, population and organismic biology from the University of Colorado, Boulder, a master’s degree in fisheries and aquatic science from the University of Washington Seattle and a bachelor’s degree in zoology from Miami University in Oxford, Ohio.

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