Water for Food

Vaishali Sharda

Post-Doctoral Research Associate, Nebraska Water Center



Vaishali Sharda, an agricultural engineer by training, joined the Nebraska Water Center in January 2017. She studies crop variability in the Ogallala aquifer region in response to factors such as climate, soils and farming practices, with the aim to design and develop decision support tools for producers and stakeholders. She uses GIS and other tools, plus the concepts of agrometeorology and climatology, to help inform decision-making that will lead to more sustainable agricultural systems. Sharda’s other research interests include quantifying the effects of climate variability and change, computer modeling and simulation of agricultural and hydrologic systems.

Prior to joining NWC, Sharda worked as a postdoctoral research associate for AgWeather Net at Washington State University, where she developed a soils database for crop modeling software and studied the impacts of climate and spatial soil variability on the water productivity of corn. She completed a doctorate from Auburn University, Alabama and earned a master’s degree from Punjab Agricultural University, India.

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