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Student Interns work on Platte Basin Timelapse Project

November 5, 2015
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This summer two undergraduate interns worked on projects associated with the Platte Basin Timelapse Project with funding in part from the Water for Food Institute. The students provided the following blog postings to showcase some of their experiences.

Dream Job: Day One
By Carlee Koehler

The day started how one would expect when setting off for an exciting first day of outdoor field work.

It was pouring.

Skin-pelting water bombs and shoe-soaking waves,­ pouring.

Mariah, Ethan and I loaded up our gear into the back of the truck, stared up at the sky, willing it to cease fire, then set off, trying hard to focus on our 90s jams rather than think of the wetlands we’d be traipsing through in the morning.
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Road Trip to Remember: A Multi-Basin Summer
By Christina Woodworth

This past summer I got to be a bum for 60 glorious days. I traipsed 11,107 miles around the western half of the United States and into northern Saskatchewan in my maroon Jeep Grand Cherokee, stopping whenever possible to backpack, mountain bike, rock climb, canoe and camp.

It was a trip that had been in the making for nearly a year. I devoted hours to planning out the perfect route, reserving backcountry permits, contacting friends about meeting up along the way, and converting my vehicle into an adventure-mobile.
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