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2015 Global Agricultural Productivity Report shared at World Food Prize event

October 27, 2015
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For the second year in a row, the rate of global agricultural productivity growth continues to stagnate, says a report by the Global Harvest Initiative (GHI) released during the World Food Prize conference in Des Moines, Iowa, October 15. The report, with technical support from the Water for Food Institute, states that global agricultural productivity must increase by 1.75 percent annually to meet the demands of an estimated 9.7 billion people in 2050.

According to GHI’s annual assessment of productivity growth – the GAP Index™ – the current rate of growth is only 1.72 percent. The rate of annual productivity growth in low-income countries is much lower, only 1.5 percent. At this rate, fifteen years from now (2030) sub-Saharan Africa will only be able to meet 14 percent of its food demand, driving up food prices for poor households and requiring significant imports, food assistance, and opening up environmentally sensitive land for agricultural production.

The GAP Report® highlights the powerful legacy of the United States’ agriculture and conservation system and also urges continued commitment and investment in order to generate new innovations that produce more food, feed, fiber and biofuel while simultaneously conserving soil, water and other precious natural resources. Read the full report.

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