2011 Conference: PATHS TO SOLUTIONS | May 1-4, 2011
Water for Food

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More than 450 people from 24 countries participated in the 2011 global Water for Food Conference May 1-4 in Lincoln, Neb. On this site, you’ll find the following information about the 2011 conference.


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  • 2011 Water for Food Conference proceedings

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The 2012 global Water for Food Conference will be May 30-June 1, 2012, in Lincoln, Neb.

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There is no silver bullet

Posted May 3, 2011

Growing concerns about the environment, climate change and energy have been widely reported in the mainstream media. The critical linkage between water and food security hasn’t gotten as much attention, and that’s a cause for concern. We need to double global food production by 2050 and reduce agriculture’s environmental impact – all while reducing water… [Read More]


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