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Faculty Fellows

Water for Food Global Institute Faculty Fellows are faculty within the University of Nebraska system who contribute to the institute’s research, scholarship, engagement and education programs. Faculty Fellow status gives formal recognition of an individual’s accomplishments and expertise and includes the Fellow in a community of faculty with complementary interests. It is intended for faculty who collaborate with the institute for a sustained period of time. Appointments are non-salaried and made for one year, beginning January 1.

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* Featured Fellows


P. Stephen Baenziger
Agronomist and Wheat Breeder

Guillermo Baigorria *
Crop Simulation Modeler

Vijendra Boken
Remote Sensing & Water Resources Expert

Edgar Cahoon
Plant Geneticist

Kenneth Cassman

Cody Creech
Cropping Systems Agronomist

Dean Eisenhauer
Irrigation Engineer

Roger Elmore *
Cropping Systems Agronomist

Richard Ferguson
Soil Fertility and Precision Agriculture Specialist

Roch Gaussoin

Patricio Grassini *
Cropping Systems Agronomist

Derek Heeren *
Irrigation Engineer

Adam Liska
Biological Systems Engineer

Joe Luck
Irrigation Engineer

Martha Mamo
Soil Scientist

Derrel Martin
Irrigation and Water Resources Engineer

Xin Qiao
Irrigation Engineer

Daren Redfearn
Irrigation Engineer

Teshome Regassa

Daran R. Rudnick
Irrigation/Water Management Specialist

Daniel Schachtman
Plant Molecular Physiologist

James Schnable
Plant Geneticist

Tim Shaver
Nutrient Management Specialist

Harkamal Walia
Plant Molecular Physiologist

Charles Wortmann

Haishun Yang *
Crop and Ecosystem Modeler


Craig Allen
Wildlife Ecologist

Tala Awada
Plant Ecologist

David Billesbach

Mark Burbach
Environmental Scientist

John Carroll
Wildlife Ecologist

Trenton Franz *

Sherilyn Fritz

Brian Fuchs

John Gamon
Remote Sensing Expert

Troy E. Gilmore
Groundwater Hydrologist

Priscilla Grew

Michael Hayes
Climatologist and Atmospheric Scientist

Ayse Kilic
Remote Sensing Expert

Jesse Korus
Groundwater Hydrologist

Aaron Mittelstet
Watershed Hydrologist

Francisco Muñoz-Arriola

Clinton Rowe
Meteorologist and Climatologist

Pat Shea
Environmental Chemist

John (Jack) Shroder

Martha Shulski

Andrew Suyker

Mark Svoboda

Tsegaye Tadesse

Steve Thomas
River/Stream Ecologist

Elizabeth VanWormer

Brian Wardlow
Remote Sensing Expert

Don Wilhite

Wayne E. Woldt
Environmental Engineer

Vitaly Zlotnik

Art Zygielbaum
Remote Sensing Specialist

Health, Science & Engineering

David Admiraal
Environmental Engineer

Ozgur Araz
Systems Scientist and Business Analyst

Lorena Baccaglini

Shannon Bartelt-Hunt
Environmental Engineer

Paul Black

Mohamed Dahab
Environmental Engineer

Carrick Detweiler
Computer Scientist and Roboticist

Concetta DiRusso

Bruce Dvorak
Environmental Engineer

 Yufeng Ge
Advanced Sensing Systems Engineer

James Goedert
Construction Engineer

Junke Guo
Environmental Engineer

Christopher Gustafson
Behavioral Economist

Deepak Keshwani
Biomass Modeler

Xu Li
Environmental Engineer

Yusong Li
Environmental Engineer

Tiffany Messer
Water Quality Enginer

Siamak Nejati
Chemical Engineer

John Kalu Osiri
Business Analyst

Pinaki Panigrahi
Epidemiologist and Pediatrician

Helen Raikes
Child Development and Early Education Specialist

Eleanor Rogan
Public and Environmental Health Expert

Ashok Samal
Computer Scientist

Amy Schmidt
Manure Management and Water Quality Specialist

Hamid Sharif
Wireless Network Expert

Jayne Stratton
Food Microbiologist

Jeyam Subbiah
Food Quality and Safety Engineer

Mehmet Can Vuran
Computer Scientist and Electrical Engineer

Bing Wang
Human Health Risk Analyst

Karrie Weber

Policy & Social Science

J. David Aiken
Water and Agricultural Law Specialist

Simanti Banerjee
Behavioral and Environmental Economist

Andrea Erin Bass
Business Analyst

Jean Cahan
Religious and Historical Philosopher

Judy Diamond
Science Literacy Educator

Michael Farrell
Documentary Filmmaker

Cory Forbes
Science Literacy Educator

Michael Forsberg
Conservation Photographer & Co-founder, Platte Basin Timelapse

Geoffrey Friesen
Behavior Finance Analyst

Lilyan Fulginiti
Agricultural Economist

A. Bryce Hoflund
Health Care and Food Policy Specialist

Peter Longo
Political Scientist

Satoshi Machida
Political Scientist

Patrice McMahon
Political Scientist

Patrick McNamara
Political Scientist

Sarah Michaels
Political Scientist

Taro Mieno
Agricultural Economist

Lia Nogueira-Rodriguez
Food and Agricultural Trade Economist

Richard Perrin
Agricultural Economist

Christine Reed
Public and Environmental Policy Analyst

Chuck Rowling
Political Scientist

Karina Schoengold
Environmental and Resource Economist

Anthony Schutz
Agricultural and Environmental Law Specialist

Nancy Shank
Public Policy Analyst

Amy Struthers
Science and Public Health Communicator

Dejun Su
Public Health Analyst

Zhenghong Tang
Community & Regional Planning Specialist

Mary Willis

Sandra Zellmer
Natural Resources Legal Scholar


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