Water for Food

Luan Peroni Venancio

Visiting Research Scholar


Luan Venancio is an agricultural engineering PhD student from the University Federal of Viçosa, Brazil. He came to the institute in March 2017 to work with Director of Research Christopher Neale on remote sensing projects.

Venancio’s research interest lies in working with satellite images (Landsat, MODIS and Sentinel) to map water use in the agriculture, estimate crop evapotranspiration (annual crops), and monitor crops through vegetation indexes and estimative biomass.

Venancio is an agronomy engineer and holds a master’s degree in plant production from the University Federal of Espírito Santo, Alegre, ES, Brazil.

When Venancio returns to Brazil in the fall, he plans to keep working with remote sensing and share the knowledge he gained in Nebraska with his advisers, professors, classmates and others. In the future, he hopes to work in Brazil professionally in agricultural development.

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