Water for Food

Ian Cottingham


Computer Scientist

Associate Director for Design Studio and Assistant Professor of Practice, Jeffrey S. Raikes School of Computer Science and Management
University of Nebraska‒Lincoln

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Ian Cottingham has been involved in the management and development of enterprise software systems for over 15 years, working in corporate, startup and institutional research environments. Prior to joining UNL, he directed the Computing Innovation Group (CIG) in UNL’s Department of Computer Science & Engineering. There, he oversaw numerous interdisciplinary software development efforts, ranging from informal science education to bioinformatics and agricultural decision support. He participated in securing more than $10 million in funding for departmental research conducted by CIG.

Cottingham’s previous positions include software development lead in IBM Global Services, president of OrangePeel Inc., chief software architect for UNL’s Department of Computer Science & Engineering and president of Red Brain Inc. He holds a master’s degree in computer science and focuses on business-driven computing research and the commercialization of research-oriented intellectual property.


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