Water for Food

2015 Student Support Research Forum

On May 28, 2015, the Water for Food Global Institute held its first annual student support research forum. The forum provided a stage for students who received research support from the institute to share the results of their research with faculty fellows, staff, students and the broader university community. Below is a list of the students or faculty fellows who presented with links to their presentations.

Yulie Meneses – Water Reconditioning in the Food Industry: Where are we and where are we going, a case study

Rachindra Mawalegedara – Leveraging DWFI Resources to Address Water for Agriculture in Latin America Under a Changing Climate

Vijendra Boken – Studying the Impact of Irrigation on Global Warming in Nebraska

James Higgins – Unmanned Environmental Monitoring and Sample Collection

Jonathan Ali – Novel Assessment Tools: Utilizing Citizen Science and Sentinel Organisms to Detect Agrichemical Runoff

Michael Farrell, Mariah Lundgren, Christina Woodworth – The Platte Basin Time Lapse Project

William Avery – Improving Soil Moisture Monitoring in Agricultural Systems Using Hydrogeophysics

Kate Boone – Impact of Irrigation on Local and Regional Groundwater Dynamics in Nebraska 

Francisco Munoz-Arriola – From Paper to Big Data: Interoperability of the Nexus Water-Food-Energy Data

Harkamal Walia – Enhancing Drought Tolerant Root Responses in Wheat

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